Our Story

Authorized Appliance Servicenter, Inc was established in 1951 by Thomas H. Sykes. Mr. Sykes’ motto was, “we are dedicated to the repair of all appliance and equipment disorders” and 65 years later, this is still very much a part of our company’s thinking today. Mr. Sykes had an interest in the foodservice industry from an early age having been a short order cook in his home town of Charlotte, NC to help support his family.

His knowledge of foodservice equipment carried over when he opened the first Authorized Appliance Servicenter in 1951. The original location repaired everything from irons to fryers, but with the fast growing restaurant market after the war, the need for foodservice equipment repair also grew. Mr. Sykes had the vision to know how to meet this need. Authorized Appliance Servicenter grew to accommodate the ever increasing restaurant market, opening locations throughout North and South Carolina.

In 1976 Mr. Sykes passed on and Authorized Appliance Servicenter was placed in the capable hands of his wife, Irene H. Sykes. Mrs. Sykes guided Authorized Appliance Servicenter along the course set by her husband and in the 36 years that she was CEO, Authorized Appliance Servicenter went through many changes. Mrs. Sykes grew the commercial parts and service business as well as expanded even further the service area that the company covered within North and South Carolina. With the ever changing customer base, Mrs. Sykes saw the need to add a separate division of Authorized Appliance Servicenter which became known as Authorized Commercial Equipment Service.

In 2015, Mrs. Sykes after a brief illness, passed on and now her daughter, Shannon L. Sykes is following in the footsteps of her parents and is dedicated to maintaining the same high level of customer service they did and as well as continuing to grow and expand the company. Shannon brings a vast knowledge of the food service equipment industry, having literally been brought up in the business. As we enter our 7th decade of service, we would like to invite you to join the Authorized Commercial Equipment Service family of satisfied customers where we proudly represent over 200 of the foodservice industry’s premier manufacturers. We maintain an extensive parts inventory at our distribution center in Charlotte, North Carolina and our qualified staff is always available to assist you with technical assistance or to answer your parts questions. We pride ourselves on making our technicians available to service your equipment every day of the week including holidays. Authorized Commercial Equipment Service, your first call for Foodservice Equipment Parts and Repair!