In the News at Authorized

On Saturday, October 22nd, Authorized held its first annual companywide meeting & party. It was a day of learning, laughs, recognition, & gratitude. There are so many words to describe the recent companywide meeting & party but none as powerful as the love shown and memories made as well as the learning and the sharing of new concepts and ideas that is so critical for any company to grow and expand.

The day began early in the morning with staff from every branch in the company including Charlotte (Headquarters), Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, and Columbia, SC. There were also special appearances from a few guest speakers, notably Heather Price who is the Executive Director for CFESA (Commercial Food Equipment Service Company) which is the association for companies that repair foodservice equipment in the United States. Heather spoke on CFESA’S programs that educates technicians to advance in their skills. Amina Stewart from Fadel’s Food Equipment & supplies located in Charlotte also spoke to the employees from the perspective of the equipment suppliers; and finally, Ron Bateman from 3Wire, an equipment parts supply company, spoke to us on what the expectations should be from our parts suppliers.

In-between the speakers, the company employees discussed business solutions to help improve our everyday operations with the goal of developing ideas to better serve our clients. We have already seen just a few weeks removed from the meeting, how the ideas we developed in our company meeting have been able to improve our services.

The last event of what was a memorable day, was a company party courtesy of our President, Shannon Sykes, to celebrate the company & staff. There were several awards given amongst the staff during the awards ceremony. The 5 Years Plus awards went out to, Mitch Monday (Winston-Salem technician), Wayne Gerald (Technicians Manager), & Tammy Shipman (Dispatcher Supervisor). The 15 Year Plus award went out to Cecil Blake (Raleigh Technician), Stephan Christoph (Winston Salem technician), & Olden Raley (Charlotte Office Assistant). The 20 Years Plus awards went out to Curtis Smith (Charlotte technician) and Ron Love (Charlotte In house technician), who also received a lifetime achievement award for 44 years of work and devotion to Authorized Commercial Equipment Service, having started working for Authorized straight out of high school . And finally, the last award of the night, the employee of the year, went out to Beth Gerald, for an incredible year of hard work and dedication to her job and the company.

The evening followed with dinner & dancing with everyone to celebrate another wonderful year at Authorized!